Labor Art Review (LAR) asks that you consider the beauty of aligning art once again with the political power of organized labor. Whether representing labor, labor-organizing through art, or engaging art itself as labor, LAR aims to bring together reviews, interviews, artworks, critical reflections, historical analyses and theoretical proposals to look beyond the dead end of culture warring and cultural politics. Sitting squarely within a critical tradition some consider exhausted and others worry simply exhausting, LAR refuses to be depleted or distracted, asking instead that readers suspend their now familiar compensatory comforts of political defeat in favor of exploring ways for art to one again complement and contribute to a rising labor movement and its needs.

And a note about out LOGO by Noah Fischer: We’ve slightly updated the headline font of The Workmen’s Advocate, late 19th century newspaper out of New Haven. Ct, formed to support a strike by compositors and typographers.